Cool Contacts advertises the WRONG product that they supply!!


I'm an avid Halloween costumer. I look forward to Halloween in November, which means I plan my costumes very far in advance. I compete in Costume Balls during the Halloween holidays with my friends at large events that we attend. This year I'm going as a Candy Queen, having my costume made out of candy or items that appear as if they are candy. The costume is bright and colourful! I always purchase contacts as an accessory for my makeup as I believe it's completes the look I'm going for.

This year I decided that I was going to go with a new online company to purchase my contacts as I had found a company called COOL CONTACTS who were based out of Ottawa Ontario, local to me. I had found a contact under their "crazy Contacts" section where they described all their contacts in this section to be either a colour blocker, cat eyes or anime eyes. Since the one I chose was called "Rainbow" and it wasn't in the shape of a cat or an anime style, it was a colour blocker. (See link for the image of the contact)

On their site I had a question about ordering from them so I tried my luck by leaving a post on their facebook wall. They answered me back in 2 mins! How wonderful. All was well until I received their product and it was nothing like how it was described and nothing like the picture they displayed! I've never had this before with any online store. Companies I deal with post their ACTUAL product with a photo so the consumer can see what it will look like once they receive it.

I have light green eyes so there's no possibility that it's an issue of colour do to my own eyes, and as I said I've been purchasing contacts every year for Halloween and never found an issue before. Once I went to their website, they advised to fill out their online forms for questions to be contacted back by their staff. After several days of not getting a response, I thought that I would try my luck again on their Facebook page. I posted a photo of me with one of their contacts on in one eye and my regular eye in the other. You can barely notice a difference, that's how crappy their product is. I left the post with a comment about trying to get in contact with them and how unhappy I was about their product as this is not what they advertise on their site.

After several more days I decided to try going back to their site and find another way of contacting them. I've tried emailing them directly and calling their store. Both times I've been told that someone will get back to me. Since no one got back to me I went back to their facebook page where I know they check customer comments. I noticed they had responded to another unhappy customer so I took it upon myself to ask why I hadn't received a response. Finally they tell me they are just so busy because it's Halloween. (no kidding) And they would be happy to help me chose another pair of contacts and give me 50% off this next purchase. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Because of their error in posting a photo of product that doesn't even belong to them, and sending me a product that doesn't even work as they describe on their site that it does, I have to PAY to fix THEIR issue? Awful. Awful costumer service trying to chase them down online, through phone calls and social media only to be told that they aren't going to issue another pair to me or refund my money.

Monetary Loss: $54.



I also had the same problem and I was wondering if you know any other good contacts store/sites. Thanks


Thanks for the review. You will save other potential buyers a lot of disappointment.

Next time you want to order contact lenses online, make sure you visit some of the many contact lens forums, youtube etc... to see actual real life pics/vids of the lenses that you're interested in.

Every lens company uses Photoshop to enhance their lenses photos so that they look amazing. I never trust lens seller's photographs.

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